To perform in master classes and/or clarinet choir, apply by clicking the links below

Attending masterclasses during 11th European Clarinet Congress is double chance for every clarinetist. Not only can one grow under supervision of our great lecturers, but there is also a lottery planned among masterclasses participants

Get your coupon on your first day in Krakow, visit at least 6 booths of our vendors and get their stamps on your coupon, put it into a special box, and win prizes! 

The drawing will take place on Saturday, before the clarinet choir concert. Great prizes, like instrument accessories, are waiting for you!

Register for masterclasses here


Partners of the lottery: 

- ZM Concept - Sklep Muzyczny i Serwis Instrumentów Dętych,  

- Finest Handcrafted Clarinet Service Aleksander Fojcik,  

- Piotr Śmietana Salon Serwis Instrumentów Dętych, 

- Sonore, 

- Jarmuła Music.


Masterclasses will be conducted by:

Jessica Bessac, Joë Christophe, Nicolai Pfeffer, Bjørn Nyman, Karel Dohnal, George Georgiou, Matthias Mueller, Robert Spring, Milan Rericha, Corey Mackey, Jeremy Reynolds, Julia Heinen, Celeste Zewald, Roeland Hendrikx, Bettina Aust, Ecesu Sertesen, Nathalie Lefevre, Nadia Sofokleous, Jan Czech, François Draux, Francisco Cantò, Lara Diaz, Stephan Veermerch, Sauro Berti, Barbara Borowicz, Piotr Lato, Paweł Krauzowicz, Janusz Antonik, Andrzej Godek, Andrzej Wojciechowski, Bogusław Jakubowski, Roman Widaszek, Arkadiusz Adamski, Robert Stefański, Paweł Kroczek, Jan Jakub Bokun.


Clarinet Choir

What could be better than a clarinet solo or chamber recital? A clarinet choir concert! We invite you to join our ranks and create the best choir one can imagine. Enlist by writing an e-mail to and spend a great time with the best players in Europe!